When children are unwell they find it difficult to cope with being in nursery and should be kept at home until they recover.  If your child is unable to attend please ring reception to let us know and the absence can be authorised.  Children cannot be allowed to attend if they are infectious.

  • Eye infections:  no attendance until antibiotics have been started.  Eye drops cannot be given by staff.
  • Antibiotics: if your child has been prescribed antibiotics they are unable to attend for at least the first 48 hours.
  • Sickness or diarrhoea: no attendance until at least 48 hours have passed and eating and toilet habits have returned to normal.
  • Skin rashes: no attendance until medical advice is sought.

Should a child become unwell whilst in nursery then every effort will be made to contact parents or person specified, as quickly as possible.  Collecting sick children promptly minimises distress and spread of infection.  Please notify us immediately if you have changed your telephone number and remember to keep your mobiles switched on when your child is in nursery.